1. Kismaros I
2. Kismaros II
3. Kismaros III
4. Kismaros IV
5. Kismaros V
6. Kismaros VI
7. Kismaros VII


I. 1230z
1. 7476 fW
  2. 23 dV
3. 152 BL

II. ML-G/137
4. 0.84 m3
5. 64 m3
6. 13.10m

7. 30 mL
8. 22 mW
9. 15.5 Mh


Ethereal I

1. Choros Nympharum
2. The leaves are full of voices
3. And in the water
4. For which the stone is cut
5. Drift under hills
6. Spoken by wind
7. The eyes of day
8. You never seem to have discovered
9. Moves only now and clinging
10. Sylva Nympharum


Even this late it happens

1  To the presence of movement
2  No longer known; no longer in sight
3  A veil of absence
4  Corridors unconsidered
5  Imaginary chapters 
6  Circles and waiting
7  Words laid upon a table
8  The wings of night


1 Exordium
2 Fenestram Lumen
3 Geminus
4 Albus et Albus
5 Conspicuum
6 Poesis
7 Sixth Pleochroism
8 Vitrum Hyalus
9 Altum Valeo


A Connection of Secrets

1 No Light; But Rather
2 Or Why it Came to You
3 Before Return and Prior
4 Of Grasp and Knowing
5 What you thought were alders in the snow...
6 ...were fragments of your darkest history
7 Silent Mirrors and Remembering
8 As Through a Window Circumscribed
9 Not Here the Darkness
10 Under the Surge Of


The Line to Three

1  Invisible Landscapes I
2  All the Clouds Around You
3  A Nameless Unfolding I
4  The Gathering of Shapeless Forms
5  Invisible Landscapes II
6  Momentary Books of Leaving
7  A Nameless Unfolding II
8  Invisible Landscapes III
9  The Line to Four


1 Akathist
2 Psalm
3 Antiphon I
4 Vobiscum
5 Chant
6 Antiphon II
7 Vigil I
8 Consecration
9 Litany I
10 Vigil II
11 Orison
12 Hymn
13 Litany II
14 Benedictus


1 Skyfields I
2 Skyfields II
3 Skyfields III
4 Skyfields IV
5 Skyfields V

A Far Reflection

1 Should Not the Ancient
2 Pretext and Figures
3 An Open Window of the Past
4 Solves Into Zero
5 The Swirling Return to Yourself
6 Rendered in Forms
7 A Misted Gaze Within
8 Constellation and Distance
9 Surrendering Realms of a Near Presence
10 From a Falling Gesture
11 Into the Early


Eleven Rooms

1  A Letter at a Window: Opening
American Midwest: Touch
3  The Slumber
A Letter at a Window: Message
A Letter at a Window: Epilogue
A Shadow and Folding I
A Shadow and Folding II
8  The Eighth Room
A Balance in Light I
10  A Balance in Light II
11  The Allegory of Painting



1 Dawn Forest Bridge
2 Into Glance Turning
3 No Light, but Rather
4 Present Red and Vanishing
5 Hiemal
6 In Stillness Defined
7 Autumn Movement Speculation
8 Drifting Thread and Wonder
9 Lingua Ignota
10 Arc Rotation Shadow
11 Whisper Garden
12 Veiled Silent Overturn
13 A Lingered Chamber to Wake
14 Aspect Form Vortex
15 No Abstraction of Perhaps
16 Corridors Therefrom Within


In Stories

  From the Passing of Summer
2   In Stories Without
3   Bound Evening and Still
  Halcyon Mist Unknown
  A Season While Fading
6   Shadow Linger Dispersal
7   A Distant Chime and Longing
8   First Luminous Turning
9   Second Luminous Turning
10  Of Phantom Symmetry
11  A Voice in Light
12  Inversion Nocturne Mirror
13  The Line to Three


Watercolor Sky

1. A Transparency Through
2. The Sharing of Color and Visible
3. This Daytime Haunted
4. In Spiral Streams
5. Complete and Early if Later
6. While Still and Moving
7. Distant Interior Winds


Dark Sonatas

Incipit Opscurum
Sonata Tenebrae No. 1
Illustratio Triocha I
Contrapunctus Opscurum I
Langsam Velata
Sonata Tenebrae No. 2
Contrapunctus Opscurum II
Allegro Cimmerian
Sonata Tenebrae No. 3
Sonata di Scuro No. 1
Sonata di Scuro No. 2
Illustratio Triocha II


Nowhere, Now Here

Lunar Incantation Precision
Incomparably Light and Repose
Deceptive Corridors Passing
Overmorrow I
Rust in Form
Overmorrow II
Woven Sunlight and Leaving
First Hovering; First Vanishing
Into Propagation Suspension
A Whispered Believing
Delirium Membrane Circuit
Both Ends of Two Rainbows



Time Sentence Rising
The Wind Unheard
Morning Behind You
Memory and Stirring
Of Broken Images Clinging
Infinite Ancient Resolve
Ninety Degrees in View
For You Only Know
The Faint Grass Singing
An Arboreal Beyond
At Evening Rising
A Doubled Reflecting
No Sound of Water
Ritus III


The Book of Crossings

Excerpts here


Excerpts here


An Illustrated Silence

Excerpts here


In Winter

Evening Against Sky
Neither Nor Here
Never Said in Rhyme
Unseen Within
A Distant Path Darkly
Dissolving Floors of Memory
Internal Meanings and the Weight of Cathedrals
A Sense of Drift
From a Farther Room
Perpetual in Stillness
Silence Shining Quietly Through
A Certain Slant of Light
In Movement Articulation
On Retelling
Invisible True Stars at Daybreak


Dreaming As I Knew

 Momentary Days
Mountains Lie in Darkness
Water Flashes
A Different Breath, About Nothing
Whatever What Is, Is
No Longer Remembered
Nothing Here But Dreams
Voices in Light
Ahead of All Parting
Shattered As It Rang
All the Elsewheres
Perforating the Visible
Drift Into Silence



Triptych II
Troglodyte hiemalis
Ritus I
Ritus II


I walked into the silver darkness

Air distance transform
The sharp crucible of autumn
Long quiet transform of a thousand skies
Secret density
The mirror of here
Scattered rain of sleep
Into equilibrium hesitation

Things left unspoken


Gravity of Shadows

First Shadow Breathing
First Penumbral Knowing
First Penumbral Tensor
First Shadow Rising
First Shadow Turning
Second Interweave
Second Shadow Breathing
Second Shadow Evanesce
Second Shadow Turning
Third Shadow Breathing



Over the hills, the clouds seem so distant
Fourth Pleochroism
Returning to a Place We've Never Been
Vanishing Point



Cartesian Other
Reflective Asymmetry
Vertex I
Vertex II


Parallel Crossings

Cordulia Aenea
Improfugue III
Aeshna Cyanea
Under an Evening Sky



A Solitary Cypress
Intense Chemistry
Tanz Grotesque, No. 3
The Totem, No. 1

Scalar Fields

Microlibrium 1
Macrolibrium 1
Macrolibrium 4
Macrolibrium 5
Macrolibrium 6
Macrolibrium 9
 Microlibrium 10 



Open Form No. 5
Open Form No. 8
Open Form No. 12
Open Form No. 14
Open Form No. 15
Open Form No. 16