Triptych, the new album by Kevin Kastning, Sándor Szabó, and Balázs Major has been released worldwide by Greydisc Records on December 13, 2011. 
Digital release on December 27, 2011. Available on CD or mp3 at
and here.

Kevin Kastning: 12-string Alto guitar in A, 12-string Extended Baritone guitar

Sándor Szabó: Classical guitar, 16-string guitar

Balázs Major: Percussion

Track listing:
1. Triptych I
2. Triptych II
3. Triptych III
4. Szellemek
5. Utazás
6. Harangok
7. Troglodyte hiemalis
8. Ritus I
9. Kaszama
10. Ritus II
11. Quatrefoil
12. Szentély

The Story of Triptych

Liner Notes, Credits, and Special Thanks

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