The Making of Triptych

Triptych, the new album by Kevin Kastning, Sándor Szabó, and Balázs Major will be released worldwide by Greydisc Records on December 13, 2011. 
Digital release on December 27, 2011.

Triptych was recorded on September 23, 2009 at Evangélikus Templom in Nógrád, Hungary.  During the 2009 European tour for Parabola, Sandor scheduled two days of recording on-location in Nógrád. On September 22, Sandor and I recorded a new duo album in Nógrád which will be released by Greydisc Records in late 2012.

We were met there by percussion artist Balázs Major, and recording engineer Roland Heidrich. The acoustics of the church were ideal for recording; in fact, Sandor had been on a location recording search, and had selected Evangélikus Templom for the acoustics and atmosphere. The setting was quiet and relaxed, and we were blessed with a bright and warm autumn day. Roland's engineering was excellent, and I appreciated his work and his warm and friendly spirit. The people in the village were very kind to us, and I was befriended by the church's grey and white kitty. To walk through Nógrád was to step backwards in time.

The village is overlooked by Castle Nógrád, which dates from circa 800 AD. An aerial photo of the castle ruins can be viewed here.  During a recording break, we hiked up to the castle ruins for a history lesson, photos, and to commune with the castle's resident spirits.  I believe that the impact and influence of village Nógrád, its history, the church, the castle and its spirits can be heard in the music of Triptych.



Photos from the recording sessions

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