The new album by Mark Wingfield & Kevin Kastning, I walked into the silver darkness, was released worldwide by Greydisc Records on June 21, 2011. 
Digital release on July 5, 2011. Available now on CD or mp3 at
and here.

Mark Wingfield: Electric guitar, Samples

Kevin Kastning: 14-string Contraguitar, 12-string Extended Baritone guitar, 6-string classical guitar, Fretless guitar

"A fantastic, expansive and adventurous album from two master musicians. Unquestionably, one of the best albums of this or any other year."
-Anil Prasad, Innerviews

Track listing:
1. Air distance transform
2. From all the green around you
3. The sharp crucible of autumn
4. Long quiet transform of a thousand skies
5. Secret density
6. The mirror of here
7. Scattered rain of sleep
8. What when winter comes
9. Into equilibrium hesitation
10. Arch of unimagined bridges
11. A dark unscathed
12. An image seen through
Things left unspoken

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Liner Notes, Credits, and Special Thanks


I walked into the silver darkness is available by CD or mp3 download at these merchants:  

Mark Wingfield - Kevin Kastning: I walked into the silver darkness



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