In Winter, the new album by Michael Manring and Kevin Kastning, is released worldwide by Greydisc Records on May 29, 2012. 
Available on CD or mp3 at
and here.

Michael Manring: Zon Sonus Elite Special bass, Zon Hyperbass, Zon VB-4 bass

Kevin Kastning: 14-string Contraguitar, 12-string Alto guitar in A, Classical guitar, Fretless guitar

Track listing:
1. Evening Against Sky
2. Neither Nor Here
3. Never Said in Rhyme
4. Solo in Mist
5. Though Unclosed, Speaking
6. Unseen Within
7. First Moment Remembrance
8. A Distant Path Darkly
9. Dissolving Floors of Memory
10. Internal Meanings and
      the Weight of Cathedrals
11. A Sense of Drift
12. Second Moment Remembrance
13. From a Farther Room
14. Perpetual in Stillness
15. Silence Shining Quietly Through
16. A Certain Slant of Light
17. In Movement Articulation
18. Third Moment Remembrance
19. On Retelling
20. Invisible True Stars at Daybreak

Liner Notes, Credits, and Special Thanks





In Winter is available by CD or mp3 download here: