Dark Sonatas: the new album by Kevin Kastning & Mark Wingfield. Worldwide release by Greydisc Records on August 20, 2013. 
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Kevin Kastning: 30-string Contra-Soprano guitar, 16-string Contraguitar, 12-string Extended Baritone guitar, 12-string Alto guitar

Mark Wingfield: Electric guitar

Track listing and audio samples:
1. Incipit Opscurum
2. Sonata Tenebrae No. 1
3. Illustratio Triocha I
4. Contrapunctus Opscurum I
5. Langsam Velata
6. Andante Sostenuto
7. Sonata Tenebrae No. 2
8. Contrapunctus Opscurum II
9. Allegro Cimmerian
10. Sonata Tenebrae No. 3
11. Sonata di Scuro No. 1
12. Sonata di Scuro No. 2
13. Illustratio Triocha II

Credits and Special Thanks

Liner Notes



Dark Sonatas is available by CD or mp3 download here:  






2013 Suigeneria Music [BMI]