Dark Sonatas: Liner Notes

The American composer Elliott Carter (December 11, 1908 - November 5, 2012) has been and continues to be a major influence on us both. His music has often been a topic of discussion during our collaborations. Therefore, using the spirit and intensity of his music as a point of reference for an album project was an idea we found compelling.

We recorded this album as a series of improvised compositions in the spirit of Carter's work. The concept was not to base what we played on any specific piece of Carter, nor to quote or even directly reference any of his material.

Carter's canon is so vast that a simple categorization or summation is near impossible. Yet there are common elements across his works which have impacted both of our own musics. These are the elements and impressions of Carter's musical world that we explore on this album.

We leave you with these Dark Sonatas.

Kevin Kastning (US) and Mark Wingfield (UK)
  June 2013





2013 Suigeneria Music [BMI]