The First Realm: Special Thanks

Kevin offers special thanks to the following individuals and companies that helped make this recording possible:

Soheil Peyghambari; Sandor Szabo; Alistair Hay at Emerald Guitars Ireland; Mary Faith and everyone at John Pearse Strings; Nick Campling and Seamus Brady at G7 Performance Capos UK; Marc Salter at New Harmony Music US; Dieter Kaudel at K&K Sound; John LaGrou and everyone at Millennia Media US; everyone at Greydisc Records US; George Korunov; Therese; Karen; and God.

Kevin Kastning plays and endorses: Emerald Guitars, Daniel Roberts Stringworks Guitars, Santa Cruz Guitars, John Pearse Strings, Hipshot Bass Xtender tuners, G7 capos, K&K pickup systems, Peterson strobe tuners, and Mesanovic Microphones.












2021 Greydisc Records
Suigeneria Music [BMI]