Skyfields: Liner notes

Skyfields is a single composition in five parts.

For some time now, I have been moving toward and internally hearing extended solo compositional forms. Unlike shorter compositions, the extended form provides elements, compositional situations, structures, and settings that are impossible in shorter forms.

In Skyfields, as in an orchestral symphonic composition, the structure, melodic, harmonic constructs, tempo, shape, direction, and dynamics can and do change and shift within the composition. The melody may not be as obvious as it might be in a shorter composition. There is no single melody flowing from beginning to end. Harmonic structures arise, deconstruct, take on different shapes, and arise again; often in different guises. Melodic and harmonic elements are heard in more than one movement, as they develop and evolve. Dynamics between loud and soft are more pronounced.

Compared to some of my previous work, the overall harmonic fabric is denser; a darker harmonic palette with deeper and richer sonorities. Blocks of harmonic colors. Compositional elements appear and re-appear across the five movements. Textures come into focus, form and then dissolve. Like the life of clouds.

- Kevin Kastning
  January 2016
  Massachusetts, US

The entirety of Skyfields was recorded in one take.  I had considered re-doing a couple of the movements, but decided against it.  The only explanation I have for not attempting any second takes is a quote of Laotzi's: "Change it, and you will ruin it.  Try to hold it, and you will lose it."








2016 Greydisc Records, Suigeneria Music [BMI]