The instruments of Resonance


Sándor Szabó:
For the Resonance recording sessions, Sándor used only one instrument: a McCollum 12-string baritone guitar.  This instrument was based on the design specs of the Santa Cruz DKK-12.  Various stringing and tuning scenarios were employed.  For some pieces, the McCollum was string as a 6-string baritone in Nashville tuning.  For others, it was strung as a 12-string baritone; often with altered tunings.


Kevin Kastning:
For the Resonance recording sessions, Kevin employed two instruments which he designed and developed with the Santa Cruz Guitar Company: the Santa Cruz DKK-12 12-string Extended Baritone guitar, and the Santa Cruz DKK 6-string Extended Baritone guitar.   The DKK was tuned to F# tuning.  The DKK-12 was also F# tuning, with the full complement of octave strings for each course.

The DKK-12 was used for all tracks, except for three pieces: Two Pilgrims; One Path, and Tanz Grotesque Nos. 2 and 3, which were recorded using the DKK.