by Sándor Szabó and Kevin Kastning, has been released by Greydisc Records!  

The front and back cover art was created by Australian artist Lea Hawkins.  Here is the story of the cover art in Lea's own words.

 "It is out of mutual respect that Kevin and I came to be working together. It is out of long term friendship that we came to have the connection that has culminated in Parabola. We are both very private and insular folk, but the years of friendship and developed trust had Kevin one day telling me of a dream he had. This dream, which occurred in two parts, he described as a recurring dream about altered tunings, which appeared as ‘fogs’ coloured fogs, each representing a different tuning. The part two dream, added flowers. He could also hear it, hearing all the notes in this tuning sounding simultaneously. He also saw a whole new colour he had never seen before.

The moment Kevin said fog and flowers I had a vivid visual image. I wanted to paint it. And one day I will. Till then I had locked it away as Things-to-paint.

I don’t know how many years, or albums I have worked on, that it has been since that dream. But when working on the Parabola design , Kevin said something along the lines of more Reality, and taking this next album to another level, as a working description.

I had at the time been going back to my old…and to me the notion of ‘more real’ suited this.  An abstract painter… moving to abstract photography…capturing the REAL in abstract form…

Previous album covers for this duo having been abstract paintings.

I held my camera at a bunch of flowers almost exactly the colours Kevin mentioned (excepting the new colour no one has ever seen!) and moved the camera as I clicked with a slow shutter speed. The accidental result was a bunch of parabolas… I did not know at the time that this was the working title.

Usually Kevin and I go through a very long process of many options and decisions before agreeing on an album cover. But this time, I knew when I sent it to him it was right, and was only slightly surprised when he immediately agreed, and mentioned the album working title being Parabola.

I think it is for this reason, the synchronicity, and the immediate flow and obvious “yes,” that this is my favourite of all the album designs Kevin and I have worked on together."

- Lea Hawkins,
New South Wales, Australia
February 2009

Prints, both framed and unframed, of the Parabola cover art, are available for purchase here.

Parabola: full front and back album cover.