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It's been over a year since my last Kevworld e-mail update, and so much has been happening lately that I don't know where to start....

THE NEW CD: The big news is that on September 21, Greydisc Records released the new CD by KastningSiegfried, entitled "Bichromial." The new CD consists of 18 compositions from the Open Form series, composed by myself and Siegfried. These pieces are written for acoustic guitar duet, and also for guitar and baritone guitar duet.

The CD is available now at:

There are links to the online retailers, background information about the music on Bichromial and its recording process, and some mp3 samples on my site as well, so stop by and give it a listen. Then grab a copy for yourself, and hey, why not one or two more for the music lovers or artsy types on your Christmas list; the holidays aren't far off!

THE OTHER NEW CD: KastningSiegfried will be included on the CD "Oasis Acoustic Collection Vol. 53." The composition which will be featured is "Open Form No. 12," from Bichromial. Release date for this CD is November 15, 2004.

AWARDS: I have been named "Artist of the Month" for October 2004 on the 13th fret website. This is the largest online forum of luthiery and acoustic string information in the world. I can't tell you how honored I am by this. Throughout the month of October, the 13th Fret will be posting an article / online interview with me; stop by the 13th Fret and give it a read!

BROADCASTS: Bichromial will be receiving radio airplay on:

Keep an eye on the "What's New" page on my website for broadcast dates and times.

*I will be making a TV appearance on the local Groton/Pepperell (northern Massachusetts) cable show "Around Town" on Thursday, October 7. Excerpts from the new CD will be played and discussed.

PERFORMANCES: My composition "Arborescence" for open quartet received its world premiere performance in London, England on July 11. The piece was composed for and performed by the London Chamber Players. This is the same group which gave the world premiere of my "Bilateral Asymmetries No. 9" in London in August, 2003.

* I will be the subject of an upcoming feature article in Acoustic Player Magazine. The issue cover date hasn't been determined, but I will post the date and info on my What's New page as soon as I know.

* I have also received requests from four magazines (so far) for CD reviews of Bichromial. When those details are finalized, I will post that info on the What's New page, too.

* KastningSiegfried have ads in the current issue of Signal to Noise magazine, and in the upcoming holiday issues (November and December) of Utne.

*I am working closely with Santa Cruz Guitar Co. on a very unusual experimental guitar. This instrument should be completed in early 2005, and full details will be posted on my Instruments page. It will also be used on the next KastningSiegfried CD.

* John Pearse Strings: This month, I signed on as an Artist Endorser for John Pearse strings. I've been using John Pearse strings for over 20 years, so this comes as quite an honor.

* Work has begun on my next CD, which will be my own solo and duet guitar transcriptions of works by Bela Bartok. This CD will be released by Greydisc Records in 2005.

* KastningSiegfried are at work on our next CD, slated for release by Greydisc sometime in late 2005.

*A recording project for a CD of my string quartets is being scheduled for 2006.

*I am at work on two more compositions which have tentative performance dates in 2005. As details on these and other projects become available, info will be posted on my What's New page.

MY WEBSITE: On average, the total number of visitors per month to my site is currently around 15,000. If you're one of those folks, thank you for visiting. If you've not stopped by in a while, please do, as the site recently got quite a facelift. There is always new content on the What's New page, new things to see and hear, and recently several new pages have been added.

Well, that's it for now. Feel free to send an e-mail and say hello; I look forward to hearing from you!

Happy autumn,