Bichromial contains 18 compositions from the Open Forms series; resulting in a total CD running time of over 70 minutes. This set of 18 compositions are inter-related, and taken together, comprise a cohesive and singular whole. The Open Form compositions are through-composed; in other words, the compositional thread is linear with no repeated sections or motifs. Each of the Open Forms series of compositions was composed jointly by us both.

At the time the new CD was in post-production, Siegfried and I had discussed the possibility of liner notes in the CD's booklet. We both thought that some form of written, verbal introduction to our music was important. However, we weren't sure that we wanted to pre-condition the listener with our words and descriptions. After much discussion and several drafts of liner notes, we decided to let the listener be introduced to Bichromial by hearing it, not by reading about it. After all, our words about this difficult-to-describe music were only that: our words. No doubt each listener will find their own meanings and images in our music. That being said, we decided that perhaps the best approach was no liner notes in the CD cover. We still felt that some verbal introduction or background could be beneficial. Therefore, we decided to present the liner notes here.

Liner notes for Bichromial

Kastning: Abstract paintings. Expressionist extrapolations. The thing itself; an analogy of nothing. Groping for words in the dark; meanings just out of reach. Lost to all but oneself. Translations of places, of landscapes, of nature. Of atmospheres; both celestial and planetary. An artistic currency untranslatable. Art imitating life imitating art imitating abstraction. Sounds which do not directly translate into words. Sounds evoking mental imagery. Non tangible. The music of winter landscapes; stark and mute tree branches and limbs sketch tracery against an etherized sky. A photographic sound world existing only in black and white. Asymmetry. Grayscale. Abstractions.

Siegfried: Collaboration is a language we invent and utilize simultaneously in the hopes of being able to say what there is to say clearly, together. Our duet playing is a form of dialogue but our music is what emerges from inside that conversation, from its subtext, from the poetry and cadence of its words and phrases. Contained here are highlights of many efforts to express the profound gratitude I feel for our being here, doing this.


Special thanks:

Kevin Kastning would like to extend special thanks to: Siegfried, Therese Kastning, Paul Zumwalt, Carl Clements, everyone at Greydisc Records, and Richard Hoover and Daniel Roberts at Santa Cruz Guitar Company.

Siegfried would like to thank the following people for their inspiration, support, and example: Kevin Kastning, Christina Bechstein, Charlotte Adams, Pauline Oliveros, and Carl Clements.