Becoming, the new album by Kevin Kastning, Sándor Szabó, and Balázs Major is released worldwide by Greydisc Records on March 26, 2013. 
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Becoming: Liner notes, Special thanks, and Credits

March 2012 saw a European concert tour in support of the album Triptych, of myself, Sándor Szabó and Balázs Major. During a stop in Vác, Hungary, we had most of one day to record a new album, the one you now hold in your hands, on-location in the concert hall complex where we would be performing that evening. Our recording studio for the day was in a concert hall in the performance complex, though smaller than the main hall where our concert was to be held. One long wall in the concert hall where we were recording was glass, and looked out onto a lovely courtyard of trees and a walking path. It was a bright and warm spring day, and the trees in the courtyard were well-populated with joyous birds. The birds were holding their own performance, as I could hear their beautiful singing inside our recording hall while tape was rolling. If you listen closely, you'll notice that some of the birds made it onto the album.

The birds weren't the only new additions between this album and Triptych. This album saw Sándor, Balázs, and myself extending the instruments utilized on the recording sessions. Balázs with gongs and additional udus, a deep and resonant African clay drum; Sándor with the 21-string guzheng, a Chinese harp-like instrument, and myself with the baritone classical guitar and even some piano. I believe that with this album, our trio has achieved a higher level and extended our reach. We are becoming ever closer to our own artistic ideals and expressions.

- Kevin Kastning
  January 2013

Recorded 22 March 2012 at Madách Müvelődési Központ; Vác, Hungary

Recording engineered by Roland Heidrich
Recording mixed and mastered by Sándor Szabó at Tandem Records Experimental Studio; Vác, Hungary
Photography by Chris Friel

Kevin Kastning: 12-string Bass-baritone guitar, Baritone classical guitar, Piano

Sándor Szabó: Classical guitar, 16-string guitar, 10-string Viola caipira guitar, Guzheng

Balázs Major: Percussion

Kevin Kastning plays Daniel Roberts Stringworks Guitars, Santa Cruz Guitars, John Pearse Strings, records with Microtech Gefell microphones, and flies Anvil Cases. Capos by G7 Performance Capos, UK.

Sándor Szabó plays a George Ziatas classical guitar, Tihamer Romanek 16-string guitar, Giannini 10-string viola caipira guitar, and John Pearse strings.



Kevin Kastning offers sincerest thanks to Sándor Szabó; Balázs Major; Roland Heidrich; the staff at Madách Müvelődési Központ; the people of Vacz, Hungary; Daniel Roberts at Daniel Roberts Stringworks; Richard Hoover at Santa Cruz Guitars; Mary Faith, Todd, and everyone at John Pearse strings; Nick Campling at G7 Performance Capos UK; Jason and Bill at Hipshot; the staff at Greydisc Records; Chris Friel; Katalin Németh; Max; Therese; and Karen.

Sándor Szabó would like to thank Kevin Kastning, Roland Heidrich; the staff at Madách Müvelődési Központ; Mary Faith and everyone at John Pearse strings; the staff at Greydisc Records; Katalin Németh, George Ziatas, Tihamer Romanek, Peter Finger, Linda Pearse, and Boni.

Balázs Major would like to thank Kevin Kastning, Sándor Szabó, Roland Heidrich; the staff at Madách Müvelődési Központ; the staff at Greydisc Records, and Sándor Kármán.