Levitation I :: Liner Notes

For many years I had envisioned a duo album project and partnership with a pianist.  For many years I had listened to pianist after pianist and never found one with whom I thought such a partnership would work.  At times I wondered if I was seeking in vain and that the pianist I sought did not exist.

And then one day in 2020, I listened to one of Laszlo's solo albums, and continued listening to more of his work.  I contacted him and asked if heíd like to do a project, and he agreed.

After a few minutes in the recording studio, I knew I'd found the right keyboard partner and collaborator.  The artistic connection was immediate and strong.  Laszloís playing was a joy to work with, as he instinctively knew the direction needed for each piece.

I look forward to our ongoing collaborative partnership and future album projects.

- Kevin Kastning
  March 2022

I got to hear Kevinís music after we connected online during the isolating times of the Spring of 2020. I was intrigued by Kevinís sound and playing style and when he suggested a duo project I gladly agreed. Open improvisation is an important aspect of my performing and composing process, so I felt comfortable with Kevinís method of all-improvisational music making. I was also impressed by and felt kinship with his sincere artistic integrity.

Once we met in the studio, I was happy to confirm that my instincts about our compatibility - in terms of music and personalities - were correct, as we became instant friends and natural, no-pretense musical partners on this duo project.

- Laszlo Gardony
   March 2022





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