A Connection of Secrets
:: Special Thanks

Kevin offers special thanks to the following individuals and companies that helped make this recording possible:

Brian Zolner and Casey Dowdell at Bricasti Design US, Nick Campling and Seamus Brady at G7th Performance Capos UK, Carl Clements, Barry Cleveland, Alistair Hay and everyone at Emerald Guitars Ireland, Marshall Johns and everyone at Peterson Tuners US, Richard Hoover and everyone at Santa Cruz Guitars US, Dieter Kaudel and everyone at K&K Systems US, Mary Faith and Todd at John Pearse Strings US, Daniel Roberts and everyone at Daniel Roberts Stringworks US, Siegfried, Mark Wingfield, Bill Woolery and everyone at Hipshot US, Nino Anin, Karen, Therese, and God.

This album is dedicated to Sándor Szabó for his tireless help, mentoring, and unshakable keeping of the faith. Köszönöm, my Brother.